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James Munton is the author of two books on the topics of deception and online safety.

CyberSense: The 7 Steps to Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

CyberSense125In this fascinating book, James Munton shares real-life stories highlighting the dangers of cyberspace, and provides practical strategies for staying safe. The stories provide a perfect starting point for initiating conversations with your children and serve as both warning and opportunity not to repeat the mistakes of others.

Technology has many advantages, but it also presents significant risks for kids. Parents can try to monitor their children’s online activities and interactions, but cannot be on patrol 24/7. Only through education can kids learn how to protect themselves and navigate responsibly online.

CyberSense is not about technical expertise or complicated software or jargon. It is about adopting a mindset. It is about knowing and understanding the potential hazards of online activity and learning simple, sensible strategies to reduce risk. Once our kids are educated and aware, protecting themselves will be just as instinctive as putting on a seat belt in a car.

Parents and educators will find practical advice about cyber bullying, online predators, identity theft, sharing inappropriate photos and text messages, password management and illegal file sharing.

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The Con: How Scams Work, Why You’re Vulnerable & How to Protect Yourself

The Con is an insightful, revealing look at scams, why they work and how we can avoid them.

  • How do you protect yourself against the dangers of a pigeon drop? Or rocks in a box?
  • What precautions can you take to avoid the perils of spear phishing and pretexting?
  • Just what is a suckers list and how do you make sure you’re not on it?
  • Includes only scams that are current and in wide circulation.
  • Contains engaging, relatable stories of ordinary people from all walks of life targeted by scams.
  • Examines the psychology of why scams are successful.
  • Provides up-to-date information on recovering from identity theft.

Written in a narrative style, the book goes behind the scenes of real-world cons to examine the logistics and psychology that enable scams to succeed. The goal is to help people understand and recognize deception, and in the same way that they avoid other potentially dangerous situations, take a detour.

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