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Trade Show Magician

You’ve seen it before. Some booths are empty with staff twiddling their thumbs, while other booths have an energy and a busy flow of visitors. The difference is “booth buzz!”

James Munton will make sure your booth is the talk of the show! His unique brand of magical entertainment is guaranteed to increase the amount of traffic to your booth.

“James Munton is an expert trade show traffic builder!”

When James works your booth, he does THREE things:

1. Draws a large number of visitors to your booth.
Clients always report a huge increase in traffic. James guarantees your staff will scan more badges and see more people.

2. Incorporates your message into an amazing performance of magic and mind reading.
James customizes every presentation so that he entertains AND informs. Every visitor to your booth will have a great time watching the magic, but more importantly will have your company name permanently burned on their brain! Imagine, for example, a one dollar bill magically transforming into a $100 bill… dramatically demonstrating to your prospective customers how working with your company will grow their bottom line!

3. Qualifies the audience so your team talk to the right people.
You’ll have so many people visiting your booth it is important your staff don’t waste time talking to the wrong people. During the magic presentation, James asks the audience questions in order to identify the hot prospects. Then he makes sure those valuable leads are delivered directly into the hands of your staff!

Exhibiting is costly and it is essential you maximize your ROI. Let James Munton generate “booth buzz” and get ready for the busiest trade show you’ve ever had!

“James had an enormous crowd gathered at our booth and played a major role in our company’s presence at the conference. He was professional, engaging, and absolutely dazzling. James made sure that every individual he met at the conference walked away knowing exactly who Great American Group was. We would definitely request his magic performance at our next event!”
Sandy Feldman, Great American Group

Call us today at 214-546-5769 and after asking a few simple questions, we will be able to suggest an entertainment package to suit both your existing arrangements and your budget!

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Don’t delay, contact us today. Tell us a bit about your event and we will recommend the best type of magic to make the party a big success! Call 214-546-5769 or click on the magic button below…